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Food Diary (*Live Blog*)

I started to get this done early and make it an ongoing thing so that I don't have to make one big post at the end of the week. Most of my gym posts will include crossfit acronyms but I'll try and make them as clear as possible and my steps are based on my iPhone health tracker that include any walking or running that I do that day. I'll try and keep my diet as normal as possible between now and next week meaning I won't forgo a cookie that I would normally eat and I won't workout just for the sake of it.

Thursday July 14:

Rest day at the gym

1 Apple

1 cup of kombucha that I fermented at home (my first batch!!)

This was just just to hold be over because I had to run an early morning errand out in Brooklyn

4 scrambled eggs (cooked in EVOO)

1 Avocado

I usually just eat the avocado out of the shell with a spoon and some salt. Avo toast is for the birds.

Three skin-on, bone-in chicken thighs (Roasted with a kimchi/tamari/fish sauce marinade)

Roasted florets from two small broccoli heads

3 scrambled eggs (cooked in EVOO)

1 Avocado

I didn't have anything else in the house so I just ate this again. This was a zero beer and alcohol day for me. These are rare but I wasn't forced to drink any so I figured why not use it as an excuse to lay low.

I had also have my first two La Croix sparkling waters today that I was given as samples. Otherwise I just drank water. Aside from caffeine and alcohol I almost exclusivity drink water and sparkling water. I hydrate extensively so I won't be posting any unsweetened water consumption.

Total Steps: 13,922

Friday July 15:

Cup of home brewed cold brew with whole milk

1 banana

This was my pre-gym fuel

Front-squat 5s


7 Minute AMRAP (As many reps as possible) 4 Wall Walks 3 TnG Squat Cleans @135#

4+2 walks

Heavy squats always make me super hungry. The AMRAP was a modified version of the prescribed workout.

Two banana/egg pancakes with butter and syrup cooked in reserved guanciale fat

For each pancake I mash together two eggs and one banana so 4 eggs and 2 bananas total. No more than a teaspoon each of butter and syrup.

I got some work done at Hu Kitchen so I ordered another coffee with whole milk that I didn't really want and snuck in an avocado.

Harry's Italian

Montauk Session IPA

A few pieces of pepperoni off of the free pizza they were putting on the bar

Collichio & Sons

Peekskill Simple Sour

2oz sample of Kelso Flemish Red

Gem lettuce salad with blue cheese and butter milk and raddishes

Halibut with shrimp and quinoa

Two fork fulls of a burger that the future wife ordered but didn't really want leaving the bun and all of the potatoes on the plate.

Half King

Three Sixpoint Sweet Actions

I had a late meeting with my architect here so we had a few beers discussion floor plan option.

Saturday July 16:


Cold brew coffee with whole milk

3/4 of a banana

I made a 1/3 of cup of steel cut oat with some honey but only ate half of it



100-calorie row 75 thrusters, 45# 50 pull-ups 75 wall-ball shots 20# 100-calorie row


I didn't eat enough yesterday and it showed in this workout. I got home a laid on my floor for 20 minutes.

Post workout:

I finished the oatmeal despite it being a congealed blog

half and avocado

4 soft boiled eggs with tamari

Cold brew with whole milk

6, maybe 7 slices of various Roberta's pizza, so about 1 whole pie

Some kale salad

Half of a very buttery chocolate chip cookie

Westbrook Gose II

Modelo especial

Liliko'i kepolo

Alhambra - I had never had one of these before

24oz pacifico

50ml bottle of J. Walker Red during Ghostbusters II which was hilarious and I recommend you go see it.

Total steps: 6,397

Sunday July 17:

Teaspoon of honey with salt


8x400M sprint every 3 minutes

Fage full fat yogurt with mango (170 cal) but I didn't eat all the fruit

We went to a gender reveal party in Jersey City but I was able to dodge eating the pink cake

A few pieces of manchego cheese

pineapple and blueberries

7-8 ounces of roast beef

8oz of Other Half Debbie Downer


4 oz of Long Trail Unearthed Stout

The wheels came off a bit when we got home because after seeing Ghostbusters last night we were in the mood for Chinese food.

Sesame Chicken (almost an entire order)

Chicken Fried Rice 1/3? Probably half.

Baby bokchoy

16oz can of Other Half Motueka+Galaxy

8oz pour of Myrtille Blueberry Sour from Wicked Weed

Total Steps: 11,008

A few thoughts from the first few days of this journal especially after a social weekend. Friday wasn't perfect but being able to eat out and have a business meeting with the only questionable food item being quinoa then I'll chalk that up as a win. On Saturday I'm always willing to cheat for great pizza like Roberta's so after not eating anything after the big lunch then I wasn't too upset after eating some of the best pizza in NYC. I dodged a few bullets at the party on Sunday and then the Chinese food was without question the worth thing I are all weekend but I don't eat it often and when I do I'd rather go all out. The Future Wife said she was in the mood for it and I didn't want to say no.

Monday July 18th

Large cup of coffee with whole milk

3 hard boiled eggs, just salt

16oz bottle of V8

White peach the size of your head

Spoon full of honey with salt before the gym and water with half a scoop of Accelorade


Back-Squat (3-2-1)

195/215/235 225/245/255 245/255/265

3 Rounds for Time: 1 Hill Sprint 65 Double Unders

5:58 Rx

Reheated some leftover asparagus from last night

Roasted zucchini and yellow scallop squash with some guanciale tossed in as well

Chicken burger w/ spinach

Water with apple cider vinegar. Apparently this helps with digestions but you're not supposed to drink it right before bed. Oops.

No Beer! I hasn't slept well over the weekend and it was late by the time I cooked dinner so I opted out of having a drink.

Total Steps: 8,792 (Did not include the hill sprints from the workout

Tuesday July 19:

Under-ripe banana before the gym.


Complete 5 rounds of the following:

With 3 minutes on the clock:

22 Calorie Row

22 Kettlebell Swings, 24/16

Max Bar Muscle-Ups

Rest 2 minutes between rounds.

Score: 20 Muscle-ups

Two Banana+Egg pancakes, cooked with a little butter, organic maple syrup and butter for serving. Picture of the stack below and they were glorious. Each pancake is two eggs and one banana.

iQ Probiotic Juice (300 Calories)

Ice water with apple city vinegar

Another giant white peach

I went to Brooklyn to meet my architect so I stopped into my Grandmother's to have dinner before meeting them. I was able to dodge bread but I couldn't pass up on cheese.

A few bites of mozzarella and tomato slices

Sauteed mushrooms and onions

Greens with oil and vinegar

Shell steak with garlic, call it 10-11oz because I ate some of the scraps from the Future Wife's plate

Another day with no alcohol!! By the time I got home it was almost 10 and didn't feel like opening a beer that late at night.

Total Steps: 6,220

Wednesday July 20th:


Jack Links turkey jerky (140 cals)

Late lunch at Hu Kitchen after a long day of walking around the city

Meatloaf with roasted cauliflower and broccoli

Two roasted sweet potatoes, about 1 pound before peeling them.

4 eggs

1 Lights on Pale Ale from Tree House

Total Steps: 14, 551

Thursday July 21st:


1/3 cup of oatmeal with honey

First water bottle filled with roctane

Chocolate honey stinger waffle (160 cal)

13.1 miles total, I wanted to go a bit further but my legs were beat up from the last week at the gym. Training for ultra-marathons on tired legs is ideal and it was hot out even early this morning so I'm chalking it up as a good start to training.

4 scrambled eggs with 5 slices of guanciale

Pink Lady apple on my way to a meeting in Midtown


2 Eggs with about a cup of frozen broccoli florets

The wheels came off before, during, and after dinner but we were celebrating making progress on wedding planning on had both gone on long runs so both of us were in IDGAF mode.

8oz Double Mosaic Dream

Half of a bottle of red wine

slice of bread with EVOO

Fried calamari and plate of various cured meats

Heaping pile of spaghetti and clams with hot peppers and bacon.

8oz Magic Green Nuggets

10oz Nimble Giant from Troegs

Total Steps: 29,528

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