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Coming Clean About Eating Clean

A few months after I took the plunge into the beer world full time I decided to make a major change to my diet and it was something that I swore I would never do. I started to eat less and less grain products, with the exception of drinking beer, to the point where now I'm only eating breads one or two times a week. This was especially weird for an Italian-American kid who can still easily eat 3/4 of a pound of pasta without blinking an eye. I don't want to call the diet paleo because it's not that strict but I use that as my guidelines as I plan out my meals for each day and week.

I want to post pictures of good looking food and not the "pancakes" I make using just bananas and eggs but I feel obligated to be transparent and show that I'm not just eating burgers, pizza and ramen all while drinking gallons of heavy beers each week. I'm going to pick a week this month where I will document my diet and exercise to show what my calorie intake is really like. It will be boring but I think it's fair to show you what's really going behind the scenes for both my diet and exercise regiment.

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