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Strange Trend in Beer Pouring Technique

Quick rant for this week's blog post. I've noticed a strange and recent trend on Instagram that I can't understand. I've seen a lot of people pouring their beers to the absolute brim of the glass without a trace of head. I thought this was interesting and that maybe I had missed some magical beer nerd trick where pours like this make beers taste like angel's tears or maybe something even better that you couldn't think of in your wildest dreams. I reached out to a few of the people who I had seen pouring their beers this way and asked what their reasoning was for doing so. I was shocked to get the exact same answer from everyone who responded. Each one of them told me they were pouring in this manner because they think it looks good for the pictures. I thought the first response was a fluke but every person I heard back from said the same thing and I just don't get it. I understand moving a few things around or using a filter in poor lighting but I couldn't imagine compromising the quality of the beer pour just because you think they pictures look better?! I'm all about people drinking whatever they like and they should be drinking that beverage however they want but I can't get behind the idea of a bad pour just for the perceived improvement of a picture. I get it, social media is cool and fun but it shouldn't lead to the mistreatment of beer just you can get a few extra likes on your post. This is me pleading to people to not pour your beers like a dink and to please be better.

I also started a thread on Beer Advocate which can be found here if you'd like to see how other people weigh in on this.

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