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NYC's Newest Brewery

Welcome Iconyc (pronounced like iconic) to the New York City brewing scene! Their bottles say they're in Long Island City for street cred but they're actually located in Astoria. Makes no difference to me, I'm still riding the high of so many great breweries within the five boroughs. The brewery isn't open to the public yet but they're distributing bottles so keep an eye out in your local bottle shops. The two beers here are Vexed, an Imperial Stout and High Ryse, a Hoppy Farmhouse Ale fermented with Brett.

Full bottle descriptions below without the personified characteristics because we ain't nobody got time for that:

Vexed: Light bodied but intensely rich imperial stout aged on coffee, cacao, vanilla, cinnamon and oak.

High Ryse: Initial fermentation with Brettanmmyces and then finished with saison yeast. Initially expect a crisp, hoppy rye ale with traditional Belgian character.

I couldn't find the ABV on either bottle which makes me think it's below 5% or at least hope this is the case and it isn't an error on the packaging.

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