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Brewski Bandz!!

Ever since I was about 19 years in college and I received a free key-chain bottle opener after buys three or four kegs of some variety of adjunct-lager, likely something in the Natty or Busch family, I haven't gone a moment without having an opener in my pocket. I have since graduated to drinking much better beer as you can see and my current opener is a multi-tool that is shaped like a seahorse. Yes it's awesome, and yes you should be feeling those pangs of jealousy right now. While it's nice to always have an opener on hand it presents a problem for the now functioning adult version of myself when I'm in settings where I can easily lose my keys. Long days of hanging out on the beach, tailgating, or any variety of outdoor drinking locations that are not conducive to finding a lost set of keys after your bottle opener has been passed around a group of people to be used.

Enter BrewskiBandz. I was recently given a few to give a test run and I have to say I was happy with the results. The bands are similar to all of those trendy rubber bracelets supporting this, that and the other thing and have a round face like a small watch. On the inward facing side of that is the opener itself, to use it just take the band off your wrist, flip it around and open a bottle with the same lever action you would with just about any other opener. Is this something you would wear around all the time, no, but I don't think that is their intention. Me, I'm using that all summer long and whenever I'm enduring long drinking session with my buddies tailgating or at any other outdoor drinking endeavor. They're meant to be a promo item for companies so expect to see them in different colors and with various branding but if you see someone passing them out or for sale at the checkout counter of your beverage distributor don't shy away from taking a few home for you and a few friends.

And here is my magnificent seahorse shaped opener that you wish you had.

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